Do you have a health concern but you’re not sure where to go for help? Call Health Link (dial 811) to connect with health care professionals including registered nurses, dieticians, dementia specialists and mental health and rehabilitation clinicians.

Through this free telephone advice line, they’ll help determine the best care for your individual situation. You could be referred to after-hour clinics and services, family doctor offices or urgent care centres.

If you’re experiencing a life-threatening condition, call 911.

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Alberta PCNs offer free health workshops and activities to help you better manage your physical and mental health.

Workshop topics include:
– smoking cessation
– mental health
– dietitian advice
– grief support
– diabetes management
– exercise classes
– and more!

Go to to find online or in person workshops available to you.

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As we head into Fall Prevention Month, it’s important to remember falls don’t discriminate-they can happen to anyone at any time.

A simple accident like tripping on a rug or slipping on a wet floor can change your life.

A broken bone can lead to more serious health problems and long-term disability for older adults.

The good news is that most falls are preventable.  There are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of falling, including:

✅ Exercising regularly

✅ Maintaining a healthy diet

✅ Have your eyes and ears tested

✅  Wearing proper footwear

✅ Having your home assessed for bathroom design, lighting, floors and surfaces, and grab bars

Talk to your family doctor if you are worried about falling or someone in your life falling.  Your doctor can help suggest other steps to help prevent future falls.



Mental health is often misunderstood and can be difficult to talk about, but it is important to remember it is manageable.

Here are a few resources individuals and families in Alberta can access to receive support for #MentalHealth concerns:

  • Alberta PCNs have a variety of resources including mental health workshops, social worker support and mental health professionals. Talk to your family doctor to learn more.
  • @Anxiety_Canada promotes awareness of anxiety disorders and increases access to evidence-based resources and treatment.
  • @CMHA Canadian Mental Health Association delivers free mental health programs, services, education and support for individuals and families.
  • @Albertahealthservice Access Mental Health offers non-urgent information, consultation and referrals for individuals with addiction and/or mental health concerns.

Talk to your family doctor if you or someone you know is struggling with their #MentalHealth.


Did you know…….

In Drumheller we have created the Drumheller Community Seniors Coalition. This group is working to provide programs and education to seniors in our community.

So What’s that mean?

Drumheller hosted a community 55+ Seniors Fair on September 29

Our guest speakers presented on:

  • RCMP – Scams and Cyber safety
  • Rachel Graf Therapy Assistant- Opening Minds through Art Program
  • Tricia Tetz- Dementia and Teepa Snow Gemstones Model
  • Martin McSween, Addictions Counsellor- Substance use in Seniors
  • Vicky Hardy, Century 21- Seniors Housing

We also enjoyed live Music from Joanne and Mary.


Our Coalition has received grant funding through the Awareness Builds Connection in Dementia Friendly Communities from the Rural Development Network and host a once a month Memory Café.

To learn more visit:


Our group has been working with the PHC IGSI provincial team using funds from the Health Canada Grant : Connecting people and community for living well.

This helps in running our weekly Circle of Connections (Dementia Day Program). With this we hold a monthly Caregiver support group supported by the Alzheimers Society of AB.

To Learn More visit:







Senior’s Health
Our Primary Care Network is currently working as part of a Provincial Initiative looking at improving seniors care in our communities. The Primary Health Care Integrated Geriatric Services Initiative started in June 2017.

Work is currently underway in Drumheller and Three Hills. The Drumheller team has created a patient flow map which identifies lines of communication between Physicians, Primary Care nurses and other health care team providers. They have also implemented team visits where you and your care partners will meet with your Family Physician and Primary Care Nurse to sit down together and create a plan of care. Here they will make any necessary referrals to other health care teams such as Home Care, Occupational Therapy or Physio Therapy.

We will also help connect you with available community resources. Our goal is to support you in living well at home.

For more information visit our Seniors Health Page.





#DYK that an estimated 7.5% of Canadians 55 and older experience abuse. Preventing the abuse and neglect of older adults is a shared responsibility. Learn about the warning signs and how you can help by visiting

If you are experiencing abuse or suspect someone is being abused, talk to your family doctor. They can share information and resources to help you and your loved ones.

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